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Seismic Multiple Elimination Techniques D.J. Verschuur

Seismic Multiple Elimination Techniques

D.J. Verschuur

ISBN : 9780080548159
350 pages
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 About the Book 

Multiple elimination is a longstanding problem in exploration seismics. Over the decades different approaches were developed, varying from filtering based on simple periodicity, separating primaries and multiples via the parabolic Radon domain and the family of so-called wave equation-based prediction and subtraction methods (model-based and data-driven). Especially the latter, also referred to as surface-related multiple elimination (SRME), has gained great popularity during the last decade, due to its successful application in many situations.This book gives a comprehensive overview of the most current multiple suppression techniques. Although mathematical derivations are not excluded, the main emphasis of the book is on the physical principles behind the various techniques. All described methods are illustrated with appropriate synthetic and field data examples and relations between these approaches are emphasized.Mathematical complexity is accompanied with clear and physical insights, can be followed by readers at different mathematical levelsMany clear illustrations illustrate the concepts and exemplify the methodsEmphasis on both theoretical and practical aspects of the methods