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Stairs of Customer Loyalty eReport Tony Alessandra

Stairs of Customer Loyalty eReport

Tony Alessandra

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Many companies follow the same formulas for bringingthem closer to what they think their customers reallywant. Concepts like “customer focus” and “customersatisfaction” are warmly embraced. Today, whoisn’t focusing on satisfying customers?However, in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, ifyou’re doing what everybody else is, you’ll never getto where you want to be. It is incumbent for companiesto set themselves apart from the rest of the competition.If your company is going to be a leader inyour market, you are going to have to really practicethings like “customer intimacy,” “customer interaction,”“customer loyalty,” and perhaps more important,“customer partnership.” Partnership is a single-threadrelationship. It is being “one.” Such a relationship isbuilt upon a mutually agreed-upon plan that reflectsthe nature and needs of all parties involved. This is nota re-wording of old terminology or a re-defining of thesame, tired concepts of “sales and service.” Instead, itis a paradigm shift, moving away from transactionalcustomer satisfaction and towards permanent customerloyalty.