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Poisonous Passion Vivian Jade Lee

Poisonous Passion

Vivian Jade Lee

Published August 1st 2010
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Blessed with looks that men would die for, Angel is a sensual beauty with a vastly disturbed mind. With intentions as dark as her past, she pursues a wicked obsession through her hidden identity, leaving a trail of destruction and tears in her bloody wake.Andrea and Earl Sinclair have the finest things in life. With wealth, fabulous good looks and a blissful relationship, they are truly blessed – until their lives are touched by death and they are dragged into a dangerous game controlled by a sinister presence. An evil force that drives a widening wedge between the two, leaving their world irrevocably shattered.For Andrea, a single question remains: Who can she really trust?In this erotic story trembling with love and deceit, lust and shadowy secrets, murder has a definite place and hearts are left to bleed. Will there be a way out?Poisonous Passion is a powerfully driven novel told with taste and sheer skill.