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Amorous After Dark Red Snapper

Amorous After Dark

Red Snapper

Published June 19th 2014
Kindle Edition
179 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A seductive tale of lust and revenge, Amorous charts the eccentric life of Amorous Wimberly -- who discovers she has a slight predicament that she must deal with, she loves having wild and crazy sex, lots of it. Somebody’s body, anybody’s body will do as long as she keeps her seductive secret hidden away in her undisclosed closet, knowing how people judge, especially women thus, a Freak is born.By day she’s this mild-mannered Corporate Executive that is extremely ambitious and is soaring rapidly up the corporate ladder, but by night she lives in this erotic underworld that involves her experiencing the most sensuous and intense sexual pleasures established by mankind. Her surreptitious existence as an extremely expensive call girl gives her the sexual satisfaction and fulfillment that she so desperately needs but is it enough?As she embarks on her journey, she lands the project of her dreams as her corporation sends her on a special assignment on the Caribbean Island of the Bahamas. Little does she know that this perfect assignment is actually a corporate cover-up for a much deeper scheme to swindle millions from the corporation! As she finds herself caught in the middle of all the chaos, will Amorous finds her way out of this corporate dilemma and return to her lifestyle of desire or will she fall prey to the ones who are setting her up for failure? Amorous needs to find out who’s fooling who before she ends up the fool or becomes one who finds themselves behind bars or even dead!