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1000 Nudes Uwe Scheid

1000 Nudes

Uwe Scheid

Published June 30th 2001
ISBN : 9783822855706
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 About the Book 

I must admit that this book has but a few pages of actual reading (and this in English, German and French). The book starts with a short history of the beginning of photography in general and then narrows the field to the human form. A vast majority of the book is filled with early nude photographs (almost all female) so may be offensive to some readers. I found it simply fascinating- not only the written text but the quality and subject matter of the pictures. People, even in the nude form, are a product of their times and this proves a great example of this. Now, in the 21st Century, the photographs are relative mundane (especially in regard to styles and norms). The book is beautifully made and presented. Although it’s not the tastes of everyone, I liked it.